ELEMENT HS | The Elements

Hello All,

I hope you guys all enjoyed your first few weeks back to school and have really hit the ground running on whatever commitments you guys made!

It has been a packed few weeks in Element already with homegroups and two big trips. Last weekend we sent a big group of you guys to help out with the Element Middle School retreat where many were able to have a great, focused time learning more about God and growing closer to him because of your hard work. Then, right after, a bunch more of you went back up to the snow to have a bit of fun with snow football and sledding. 

As we get rolling into our normal schedule, we are going to have even more fun opportunities to serve and to learn about God and grow. This weekend will mark the restart of our student run Joyland services and, something completely new this year, the elements! For those of you that haven't heard about this, it will be a 10 week course on the fundamentals of Christianity and why we believe it's true. Join us and please bring your friends!

- Mike

Michael Curry