Element Friday - Lumberjack/jill night

We had our first themed Friday of the year: Lumberjack/jill night where people sported their favorite flannels, boots, and mustaches. We started the night with a mysterious ice breaker in which people had to use their taste and touch to identify different items. Next, we heard an impactful message from Mark 1 about Jesus healing a leper and then ended the night with Fruit of the Room where teams showcased their artistic skills through their creations made of fruit!

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This year we're having our annual summer camp at Westminster Woods! It'll be a 3 nights, 4 days of hearing God's word, deepening in our faith, being challenged and inspired and fellowshipping with friends.

Dates are 8/3 - 8/6, leaving @ 3PM from 1275 Harbor Bay Parkway and coming back 8/6 around 5 PM.

Sign up on this form if you're interested!

And fill out the WAIVER and PERMISSION SLIP

And...here are some pictures from last year's summer camp :)

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Senior Graduations and this Friday Night (6/8)

Can't believe how fast time flies but our very own Seniors are graduating this week and leaving for college soon! This Friday we're going to celebrate their graduation and hear some of them share about their high school years. Join us!

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Last Friday Recap and this Friday's BBQ Picnic (5/4)!

Last Friday's event was awesome! Johnny and Sammy delivered a powerful gospel message with personal stories of how the cross became personally relevant to them. Josephine, Daniel, and the band sang "Live it Well" (Switchfoot) and then we had an amazing time of fellowship afterwards playing sports, roasting marshmallows at the fire pit, and eating waffles (yes! we had a waffle bar!) 

Photos below!


Missed last Friday? Or wanna come again? You're in luck! This Friday we're starting with BBQ picnic & sports @ Tillman Park in Alameda @ 6:30 PM followed by the talk "Do all roads lead to God?" Don't miss out!

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Car Wash Fundraiser!

What a day...from 10-5 pm today the students and staff were hard at work washing cars to fundraise for Mexico and Cambodia mission trips! We estimate about 80 cars vacuumed, washed, soaped, and dried :)

The lay of the land:

Lot of car keys:

Yes...even Brando helped :)


Our lounge was playing the Warriors Game :)


Lots of vacuums:


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