Bags of Love in SF Community Service 3/24/18

Yesterday Element HS did community service in San Francisco with City Team California to participate in their community service event "Bags of Love". On Saturday we passed out bagged lunches to homeless people in San Francisco, and made many new friendships with the people there!



For more pictures check out our Element High School Flickr!

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HOTSpot Ice Skating

For our monthly Element hotspot last Friday (February 23, 2018), we first met separately by small groups for dinner. Afterwards, we all met together at the Oakland Ice Center for some ice skating! We have some pictures on our photostream on Flickr!

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Winter Retreat 2018

During the President's Day Weekend (2/16-18), Element had our winter retreat at Redwood Alliance. Our messages revolved around the book and character of Nehemiah, a man who had a lot of character, urgency, and ownership over the building of Jerusalem's wall. We learned that we are all builders of God's kingdom.


Special thanks to our guest speakers Jeff and Kristen as well as our Element staff who all inspired many of our students, as well as Agape for the great games! Also a thank you for the Klesis helpers, as well as staff from our church plants from Washington, Virginia, and Irvine.


For the rest of the retreat pictures, go to our Flickr through the link below:

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Recap: Who is Jesus?

Last week Jeff and Nathan joined us for a clear and engaging presentation busting myths around who Jesus is. Many of us walked away more confident to talk about our faith. Thank you guys!

But before we sat down for the talk, we had a fun...and quirky...icebreaker where people had a chance to show off their best imitation of the "pose" projected on the screen. Thanks Lishen (and Alberto pictured here)

After the talk, we got into 4 teams and had an intense time of sports


Anddd...last but not least we're going bowling tonight! Please bring $10 and socks :)

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Tonight: Who is Jesus?

Tonight @ 6:30 pm at 1265 Harbor Bay Parkway we'll have a special talk from two UC Berkeley graduates. Both of them were atheists before they started to investigate Christianity 4 years ago. They'll share with us their journey and walk us through the Christian claim of who Jesus is. 

Intrigued? Come join us!

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Last Friday: Relevant Message Series

Last Friday we had our first talk (or shall we say discourse?) in our new message series called Relevant. Our first topic? Music. We learned to answer questions like "What's the Christian perspective on music?" or "How do I think critically about whether to listen to certain types of music or songs that fall within a gray area?"


Afterwards some of us (the sophomore and senior girls) went out to celebrate multiple friend's birthdays at Uji Time Dessert in Berkeley. Mmmm ice cream and cake. Good company and good food, oh yeah.



cookies + cream cake

cookies + cream cake

green tea ice cream

green tea ice cream

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