Element HS | Spring Break was Awesome!

Hey Y'all,

I wanted to update you guys on all the fun stuff we did last week during our Spring Break!  Not everyone was on break this week and I'm sad that you missed out too, but join us vicariously through our pictures and these brief summaries!

Let's start off with the Freshmen bros!  They went to Monterey House for an awesome time filled with sweet desserts, fun games indoors, and a beautiful sunset at the beach to kick off this awesome break.


All of the sisters in Element joined up and had a blast at Monterey House after the Freshmen left.  They arrived on Tuesday morning to a surprise of fresh delicious cookies that the Freshmen guys left as a welcome gift.  They had a blast riding surrey bikes and hanging out at the beach!

The Sophomore bros camped at a KOA, or Kampgrounds of America, and had a great time bonding and playing at the beach!

The Junior bros headed down to Yosemite House to hang out in the woods!  They experienced snow while hiking on the first day!  Some of them described it as Dippin Dots falling from the sky!

Last but not least, the Seniors drove 1900 miles down to Korean BBQ in LA, Spring Training and the Grand Canyon in Arizona, and back up to Alameda in four days!  Ask them about the 1 star hotel they stayed at!

All in all, we had a great time and we're ready to finish off the rest of the semester!  Hope you can join us next time!



P.S. The Element Blog is back in action!

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