Element HS | WHY

I know it was a few Friday's ago, but I wanted to update y'all on our awesome Spring Welcome Night.  We started with a BUNCH of popcorn, delicious barbecue for dinner, and a time to get to know each other.

And then we had a skit that showed the fleeting nature of the joys of iPhones, popularity, and perfect SAT scores.  Next, we saw a video prepared by our Element students that presented the inner thoughts of four relatable characters who were unsatisfied with their lives.  I could really relate to the person who was more interested in the fantasy world of video games than the real world that we live in.  It made us ponder the question, "Is there something more?"  

Finally, Ben, the older guy who leads Element, gave a brief and succinct presentation of the Christian worldview.  Christians believe that our longing for more has been placed in us by God, our creator, and that longing is for eternity.  Ben challenged us to think and investigate those big questions of life, purpose, and meaning through a song.

We ended the night with some fun pictures with friends, exciting board games, and some delicious desserts!

It was awesome to see some new faces and some old faces too!  Hope to see you guys next time!


P.S. Hope you guys are reading the books you received and taking that challenge from Ben!

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