Announcements for the Week of April 19th

40 Day Challenge!

10 more days for our 40 day DT challenge! Don't give up! Call each other and spur each other on. We will give multiply points by 4 this week.


What: Large Group Bible Study and Sports Night When: April 23, Fri, 7-11:15pm Where: NL Why:  Post Rise Celebration! We'll watch the skit video together. Do: Invite your friends! Bring your gym clothes!


What: Baptism Service & Element Time When: April 25, Sun, 10:30am-4:30pm Where: Willard Rides: Be at NL by 10:30am; Drop off at NL at 4:30pm.

What: Element Missions Fundraiser When: April 25, Sun - after service Where: Willard Why: In order to off set the cost for our mission trip!  Start saving your money!!

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