Announcements for Week of July 27, 2008

What’s coming up… 7/29 Tues 7pm SET/Prayer Mtg at North Loop 7/28-30 Weds-Thurs 7-10pm Centrifuge Work Night at North Loop 8/1 Fri 7pm Fun Friday - Last one! 8/2 Sat 7pm CENTRIFUGE "Gone" at North Loop 8/3 Sun 5pm Senior Dinner with teachers 8/4-8/8 Mon-Fri Element 44 Days of Vision Road Trip 8/9 Sat 5pm-9pm Element Bible Study 8/10 Sun 10:30am Senior Farewell 8/16 Sat 10am Pediatric Ward Visit

8/1 Fri Fun Friday at North Loop @ 7pm Come join us for dinner and prep for Centrifuge. Please let your teacher know asap if you can make it.

8/2 Sat Centrifuge at North Loop

Find out more about Centrifuge.

Centrifuge: Gone Teaser Trailer Tuesday night prayer meeting We encourage you to attend the prayer meetings at North Loop over the summer since you have more time than during the school year. It's from 7-9:30pm.Stuffed Animals/Book Drive We will continue to collect stuffed animals and books that are in good condition for our pediatric ward visit next month. Please give your donated items to Esther Park or Jing-Tian.

Element T-shirts There are only a few shirts left! If you would like one, please bring $7 and ask Bessie. For those of you who picked up a shirt but did not pay, please give your money to Danielle.

Church wide DT schedule Week 7/28-8/3 Colossians 3 Week 8/3-8/10 1 Thessalonians