Announcements for Week of June 1, 2008

What’s coming up…6/6 Fri 7-10pm Gracepoint Summer Institute (GSI), Session 1 6/7 Sat 10-4pm GSI, Session 2 6/8 Sun New Sunday schedule and Service time 6/10 Tues 6:30-10pm Prayer Mtg/Summer Evangelism Training (SET) 6/14 Sat 3-5:30pm Summer Kick Off (SKO) 6/20-24 Element Summer Retreat 2008 6/29 Sun 3-4:30pm Summer Intramurals 7/10 Thurs 7-10pm Summer MYT classes 8/3 Sun Last Day for Seniors in Element

6/7-6/8 Gracepoint Summer Institute...Fri @ 1st Pres, Sat @ North Loop Every summer, we invite special guest speakers to come and equip us with knowledge. This year, Pastor Jon Choi from Dallas, Texas, will be speaking about how to read OT narratives and understanding Genesis. GSI on Friday is in lieu of Saturday bible study. Please make every effort to attend. Dinner in the 1st Pres court yard at 6:30pm. Attendance to the Saturday session is highly encouraged! Please let your teachers know by June 1st if you are coming Sat.

6/8 New Sunday Schedule Starting 6/8 here’s the new schedule: 10:30-1pm Element Program (10:30-11:45am Korean Service) 1-2:15pm Service

6/10 Prayer Meeting/Summer Evangelism Training (SET)…. at 1st Pres Starting 6/10 Tues, prayer meeting and an evangelism training course will be open to all youth students to join. We highly encourage you to invest in this time, especially for upper classmen. If you are interested, please let Theresa know by June 1st.

6/14 Summer Kick Off ….. at Tillman Park, Alameda It’s that time of year when we welcome the incoming 7th graders from Joyland. The time will be from 3-5:30pm. We’ll have games and BBQ.

6/20-6/24 Element Summer Retreat 2008 We have a very exciting summer retreat to look forward to! The retreat will be held at the Episcopal Conference Center Oakhurst. We need a waiver and release agreement form filled out and signed by your parent or guardian before the retreat. If you need another form, please see Theresa.

6/29 Summer Intramurals… Willard Jr High field We’re playing from 3-4:30pm every Sunday. If interested, please let Theresa know asap as we need to form teams.

7/10 Summer Multiply Your Talents… North Loop Discover and develop your talents at our annual MYT classes, which begins Thurs July 10th, 7 -10pm. The classes are for 4 weeks. Please let Theresa know asap if you would like to sign-up.

Church-wide DT schedule Week of 6/2-6/8 Galatians 5 Week of 6/9-6/15 Ephesians 2

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