Announcements for Week of June 14

WHAT’S COMING UP June 17-19 (Wed-Fri): GFC Worldview Camp This event is for high school students who have been to Worldview Academy.

  • Cost: $60 (early bird deadline is past)
  • Contact John Vang if you would like to sign-up: (510) 220-6920
  • Drop Off: 8:30am at North Loop
  • Pick Up: 9:30pm at North Loop (except on Friday we'll go straight into bible study)

Friday, June 19 – Workday for Yard Sale New! Come and help at NL from 1-5pm. We need lots of help to prepare for the yard sale. Dinner will be provided! If you're interested, let your small group leader know.

Friday, June 19 – Friday Bible Study Bring your 30 Hour Famine Consent Form by Friday!

  • Drop Off: 6:15pm at North Loop
  • Pick Up: 10:30pm at North Loop

Saturday, June 20 – 30 Hour Famine We will be doing a Yard Sale at Lincoln Middle School's parking lot as well as going door to door for more sponsors.  We'll be starting bright and early at 8am! Please bring items that you don't use at home for the Yard Sale. Let's fast together and raise money for hungry children! Our 30 hour famine fast starts at Saturday 12am (midnight between Friday and Saturday) until Sunday 6am.

  • Drop Off: 8:00am at Lincoln Middle School
  • Pick Up: 5:00pm at North Loop

Sunday, June 21 – Sunday Worship Service

  • Drop Off: 9:45am at North Loop
  • Pick Up: 2:00pm at North Loop


June 25-28 (Thurs-Sun): Element Summer Retreat

  • Cost: $60
  • Location: Sierra Lodge
  • Departure Time: 1:00pm on Thursday, 6/25
  • Arrival Time: 6:00pm on Sunday, 6/28

July 2-4: 4th of July Getaway New!

July 19-24 (Sun-Thurs): Worldview Academy in Atherton, CA

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