Announcements for Week of June 22, 2008

What’s coming up…6/27 Fri 7pm Sleepover at Teachers' Homes 6/27-6/28 Sat 44 Days of VIsion - First Service Day and World Vision's 30 Hour Famine 6/29 Sun 7th Graders first Sunday service 7/10 Thurs 7-10pm Summer MYT classes 8/3 Sun Last Day for Seniors in Element

6/27 Fri Sleepover at Teachers' Homes We will be kicking off the 30 Hour Famine with a sleepover at various teachers' homes. We will meet Friday at 7pm @ North Loop. Please let your teachers know asap so that we can arrange housing. Pick-up at NL is on Saturday @ 5pm after our Element Bible Study.

6/27-6/28 44 Days of Vision- World Vision's 30 Hour Famine and SF Food Bank Our first service event is participating in World Vision's 30 Hour Famine. We will begin our fast Friday, 6/27 at 12am and end Sunday, 6/28 at 6am. On Saturday, 6/28, we will be volunteering at: SF food bank 900 Pennsylvania Ave, SF Please let Bessie know how much you have raised so far for 30 Hr Famine. Talk to Bessie if you need a sponsorship packet.

Summer Intramurals IM's have been moved to Friday nights for College and Praxis instead of Sundays as originally planned so we will not be joining them weekly. Instead we will have Fun Friday nights with various skill building activities. More details to come!

Water Bottles To reduce garbage as well as cost, please carry your own water bottles to events and gatherings at church. If everyone does it, it can make a huge difference.

Church-wide DT schedule Week of 6/23-6/29 Psalm 32 Week 6/30-7/6 Luke 15

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