Announcements for Week of June 8, 2008

What’s coming up…6/10 Tues 6:30-10pm Summer Evangelism Training (SET)/Prayer meeting 6/14 Sat 3-5:30pm Summer Kick Off (SKO) 6/14 Sat 5pm EBI - last one of this academic year! 6/15 Sun New Youth Sunday Program 6/20-24 Element Summer Retreat 2008 6/29 Sun 3-4:30pm Summer Intramurals 6/29 Sun 7th Graders first Sunday service 7/10 Thurs 7-10pm Summer MYT classes 8/3 Sun Last Day for Seniors in Element

6/10 Summer Evangelism Training (SET)/Prayer Meeting @ 2000 North Loop Starts Tuesday, 6/10 at 7pm. For those who signed up, we highly encourage you to stay for prayer meeting as well (Teachers are unable to provide rides until after prayer meeting). The schedule will be as follows: 6:30-7pm Light Snacks 7-8:40pm SET 8:40-9:40pm Prayer Meeting The total cost for SET is $28, ($10 for registration and $18 for the book, "The Reason for God".) Please give your money to Theresa. You will need to come to the first session having read the first chapter.

6/14 Summer Kick Off @ Harrington Park, Alameda If you are planning to attend, please come by 12pm. The event will be from 3-5:30pm. We’ll have games and BBQ.

6/15 New Sunday Element Program Starting 6/15, we will be utilizing Sunday mornings to serve others in our church and/or build skills that will be helpful to others. Please see the sign up sheets for the various categories in which you can serve. Every one will be participating.

6/20-6/24 Element Summer Retreat 2008 Please turn in your waiver form OR permission slip asap. You cannot attend the retreat without this. If you need another form, please see Theresa. Please arrive at North Loop on 6/20 no later than 2pm. We will be returning to North Loop on 6/24 by 6pm.

Water Bottles To reduce garbage as well as cost, please carry your own water bottles to events and gatherings at church. If everyone does it, it can make a huge difference.

Church-wide DT schedule Week of 6/9-6/15 Ephesians 2 Week of 6/16-6/22 Ephesians 5

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