Devotions (DT) for 2012!

Happy New Year!
As we start a new year, I'm excited to announce that there will be no more DT...packets, that is! :)
We'll be doing a slightly new format (It's a little bit like SOAP, but it's... ORCAP, or ORCA Pray...doesn't quite have the same ring, but perhaps we can make it work)
All you need for DT:
- Bible
- Notebook & Pen/Pencil
- The handy bookmark with the steps & questions for our new DT format (it's attached here, but you can get a fancy-schmancy shiny one next week!)
- List of Bible passages for the coming week
OAQs (Once Asked Question):
Q: I really liked the DT packets! Can I still find there somewhere?
A: Yes, you can.  If you would like to download a packet to supplement your study of the devotions texts each week, you can find them at the Gracepoint Devotions site.
I'm really excited for how we can all grow in our understanding of God and of ourselves through God's word this coming year!
p.s.  Also, just to let you know, our Gracepoint-wide key verse for 2012 is John 8:32: "Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free."