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Announcements for Week of November 16, 2008 11/21 Fri 6:30pm-9:30pm TC Practice @ Matt's house 11/22 Sat 7pm-9pm Bible Study 11/23 Sun  10:30am Youth Program @ 2000 North Loop Rd 1:30pm Thanksgiving Worship Service at Kofman Auditorium 4:00pm Thanksgiving Celebration at Kofman Auditorium 6:00pm Dinner at 103 Sable Pointe 11/29 Sat 4-5pm Convalescent home service prep 7pm-9pm Bible Study 11/30 Sun 8am Crown Bay Service Worship Service (Elderly Home) 11/30 Sun 10:30am Element Sunday Schedule at Willard Middle School

Fri 11/21 TC practice Please try to make it to this practice and it's the last extended practice time we have until the celebration.

Sun 11/23 Thanksgiving Service and Celebration Here's the schedule for Sunday 11/23.

We will be meeting at 2000 North Loop Rd at 10:30am.  We are not meeting at Willard Middle School.

Our annual Thanksgiving Worship Service will be at Kofman Auditorium (Alameda High School) starting at 1:30pm. Afterwards, we will have our Thanksgiving Celebration (at Kofman also).  To end our night, we'll eat a delicious Thanksgiving meal at Matt's house.  The evening will end at 8:30pm.  Please have your parents pick you from 2000 North Loop Rd. Teachers will be driving students to Kofman and back to North Loop. There is much to look forward to!

Address of Kofman Auditorium, Alameda High School 2200 Central Ave. Alameda, CA 94501

Address of Matt's Home: 103 Sable Pointe Alameda, CA 94502

Sun 11/30 Leading Crown Bay Convalescent Service Element will be running the Sunday service at Crown Bay Convalescent home in Alameda. We will sing songs with them, make crafts, give a short message, and have mingling time with the residents. As always, they really enjoy our  presence so I hope many of you can come to participate in this. We meet at NL @ 8am sharp and leave Crown Bay at 10:10am to make it to Willard for youth program at 10:30am.

There will be a planning meeting for those interested on 11/29 Saturday from 4-5pm at 2000 North Loop Rd.

Church-wide DT schedule Week 47 11/17-11/23 1 Peter 5

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