Gracepoint Berkeley - Element: Announcements

Announcements for Week of January 11, 2009What’s coming up… 1/16 Fri 6:30pm-9:30pm Q&A @ Ben/Elise's House 1/17 Sat 7pm-9pm Element Bible Study @ 2000 North Loop Rd 1/18 Sun 10:30am Element Sunday Schedule @ Willard Middle School 1/30 Fri 7pm-10pm Blueprints #3 Worknight @ 2000 North Loop Rd 1/31 Sat 7pm-9pm Blueprints #3 @ 2000 North Loop Rd 2/13-2/16 Fri-Mon Element Winter Retreat 2009

1/16 Q&A at Ben/Elise Home Please join for a time of Q&A and fellowship at Ben/Elise's house starting with dinner at 6:30pm. Teachers will not be available to do rides, but still let us know if you would like to come.

2/13-2/16 Fri-Mon Element Winter Retreat 2009 Our annual winter retreat will be during President's weekend in February. More details to come but please save the date!

Church-wide DT schedule Week 3: 1/12-1/18 Exodus 3

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