Announcements for Week of May 3, 2009

WHAT’S COMING UP Sunday, May 10 – Sunday Service & Convalescent Home Visit (Mother’s Day)

Fri-Sat, May 29-30 – Sleepovers by small group!

  • Friday 7pm until Saturday 8pm
  • Pick-up @ 2000 North Loop Rd.
  • Activity: Study during the day on Saturday,  picnic late afternoon
  • Due to Korean Department Retreat, KD kids will stay with teachers until Sunday; pick up at Northloop


GFC Worldview Camp Dates: June 17-20 (Wed-Sat) Prerequisite: This event is for high school students who have been to Worldview Academy. Cost: $50 if you sign up by 5/15. $60 after 5/15. Contact John Vang if you would like to sign up (510) 220-6920.

30 Hour Famine Date: June 20 (Sat)

Youth Graduation at Sunday Service @ Willard Middle School Date: June 21 (Sun)

Element Summer Retreat Dates: June 25-28 (Thurs-Sun) Cost: TBD

Church-wide DT Week 18: 5/4-5/10 Colossians 3 (Download DT Questions) Memory Verse of the Week: Colossians 3:1-3