Bible Jeopardy

Time to introduce another cool, new thing we've been doing in Element MS! Recently these past two weeks, we've been building up our Bible knowledge in a fun and competitive way, by hosting a game of Bible Jeopardy on our Element Fridays.

We're going through the Old Testament. So far we've done Genesis and Exodus, and this upcoming Friday we'll go through Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy. Each Element staff gives a short intro for a section of the Old Testament, and then students have some time to study the material. 

After studying, it's finally on - game time! Come join us this upcoming Friday for the final game of Bible Jeopardy, and see which team will win the final Jeopardy! Check out the below pictures of the Middle Schoolers playing it up:


Tara Thwin-Paljor