For Week of April 11, 2011...


WHAT’S COMING UP. . . 4.15 Fri G-Live Viewing- 6:30-10:30pm @ Willard 4.17 Sun Middle School Service- 1:30-2:45 @ Willard School Metal Shop Room High School Service 4-5:30pm @ Willard School Metal Shop Room 4.21 Thu Middle School Good Friday Service, 7-8:30pm @ NL (Yes, it’s on Thursday.) 4.22 Fri Good Friday Service High School & College & Praxis, 7pm @ Kofman 4.24 Sun Middle School Easter Service 11-12:30pm @ Bay Farm Elementary Easter Service (High School, College, Praxis) 4-5:30pm @ Kofman Auditorium

G-LIVE VIEWING Next Friday, Element will be watching the sneak preview of G-Live.  We will meet for dinner at 6:30 @ NL. Then head over together to Willard to watch the showing.  We will be back to Alameda by 11pm.

NEW ELEMENT YOUTH CHURCH: MIDDLE SCHOOL: Middle School Service is moving to Bay Farm Elementary in ALAMEDA starting April 24th.  The new service time will be 11-12:30pm.  Mark the date and time. Date: Starting April 24th, Sun. Time: 11:00-12:30 Location: Bay Farm Elementary

NEW ELEMENT YOUTH CHURCH: HIGH SCHOOL High School will be starting our own service!  WE will be moving to Alameda. Date: Starting May 1st, Sun Time: 12-1:30pm Location: TBA

FUTURE DATES: INTERHIGH MIDDLE SCHOOL SUMMER RETREAT: June 17-21, Fri-Tues INTERHIGH HIGH SCHOOL SUMMER RETREAT: June 22-26, Wed-Sun WORLDVIEW ACADEMY, June 27-July 1, Mon-Fri, $300 SUMMER MISSION TRIP, TBA (end of July to August), approximately $500 HIGH SCHOOL DISCIPLESHIP TRAINING: Serving at Camp Gracepoint, Aug 13-16, Sat-Tues

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