Bible Study 10/23 - Why Am I [Doing All These Things]?

We began with the first message of the “Why Am I…” message series.  Pastor Will spoke on the topic of Why Am I Doing All These Things?  He talked about the importance of finding our purpose in life, noting that we don’t have a whole lot of time to figure it out, and that of life devoid of purpose leads to much conflict and confusion.  Purpose is what gives our lives value, meaning, and dignity.  So, in order to find our purpose - what we were made for - we need to get in touch with our maker, our creator, GOD, and devote time to learning more about ourselves from the “owner’s manual”, the BIBLE. After Bible study, we went to the park to play this crazy game called MOO & QUACK.   It’s a real fun game that involves: night, a large field, fire for everyone, and people acting like ducks and cows.  I’ll leave it up to you to imagine what it was like ☺.  For now, Cows: 1, Ducks: 1.

We also celebrated Teacher Esther's, Teacher John's, Teacher KJ's and Franky's birthdays with song, cake, and wild dancing!

ElementMatt Lee