Bible Study 11/6 - Why Am I [So Stressed]?

We continued with the topic of "Why Am I So Stressed?"  I mean... who isn't stressed?  Papers, midterms, projects, work, relational conflicts, family, friends, health, image, financial troubles, worries of the unknown, etc., all of these things are sources of stress.  Pastor Will noted that we stress because we fear the unknown.  However, we need to deal with our fears by trusting in a person greater than the outcome of those fears.   In Matthew 6:25-34 we find that God is that person. He provides for our needs. We can cast our anxieties upon Him through prayer. And He gives us the community of believers so that we don't have to be alone. And yeah... it's that time again!  Thanksgiving Celebration dance practice!  With teacher Josh leading, I have no doubt our dance is going to be sick!!!

Check out the trailer!

Gracepoint Berkeley Thanksgiving Celebration Trailer 2009 from Gracepoint Berkeley on Vimeo.

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