Replay: August 7 - 9

This past Friday, we continued with our MYT classes in singing and YouthTube before the Truth Haters Bible study.  We learned about the tactics of Satan, the greatest truth hater, and reflected on how we buy into those lies and what we can do to fight them. Replays from Sunday, 8/9:

6th Grade Service From T. Danny: T. Kenny gave the message as we learned about the influence of media and pop culture through a short film.  In the film this guy changed his coffee, his suit, his lunch, his car, even his furniture all because he was taking in all the sounds of media around him.  The film is called "Numb" and it's all about how numb we can be when it comes to noticing the influence of culture and media around us.

7th - 8th Grade Service T. James gave a message from Philemon, and how Philemon's view of his runaway slave Onesimus needs to shift in order to do what Paul asks him to do, which is to receive him back as a brother and no longer a slave.  We learned about what it means to have a utilitarian view of people, and how as Christians, we are no longer to have a view of what others can do for us, but to view them in God's image with intrinsic value.

High School Service From T. Bessie: Pastor Will shared on Philemon and defined faith as not just a belief or a feeling, but faith is trust in action.  He asked us, "Why is sharing our faith beneficial to our understanding of the gospel?" We discussed in small groups and P. Will shared that it is when you share your faith that you get a better understanding of the gospel that you believe in because you realize what the faith you have have and what you know and what you don't know.  He also exhorted us to be refreshing and an encouragement to the saints in our lives (such as our leaders, our family, our fellow students) because they have the best in mind for us.

After service, we headed to North Loop for some yummy chilli dogs and a Ming Mang Mong tournament, where the 6th graders beat out all teachers and our high school veterans!

See you next week!

ElementMatt Lee