Replay: Magic Mountain Trip 8/9-10

This past Sunday - Monday was our long-awaited Magic Mountain trip!  Students who have been regular participants of Cross Training this summer finally got their reward. We took 5 vans down to LA, laughing and singing songs the entire way down... we entertained one another over the talkabouts and discovered some new talents in our midst (who knew that 6th graders Wendy and Joanne have a knack for being able to sing any song in opera style?).

After arriving in LA in the evening, we stopped at a Korean Plaza for some yummy Korean food.  We ended the night by cooling off from the LA heat and going swimming at T. Esther's and T. Kevin's homes.

After breakfast and DT in the morning, we headed off to Magic Mountain!  We went on rides like Goliath,BatmanTerminatorViperNinja... those of us who were brave also rode rides like Deja VuTatsu, and the highly-anticipated X2.

Wow!  What an action-packed two days.

What was your favorite ride?  Let us know!

ElementMatt Lee