Replay: Monterey Trip 8/22

On Saturday, August 22, we went to Monterey as our final summer outing before school began.  We started off our day with DT at North Loop before taking off to the beautiful Asilomar Beach, where we enjoyed a game of Red Rover and had some fun knocking down some people in the process!  Some of us got our feet wet in the water, built sand castles, and played some football.  Afterwards, we went to State Beach where we set up a bonfire and played some volleyball.  We had a wonderful dinner of grilled steak!  We ended our time together by the fire-- sang some songs, and had a mini talent show!  The Gummi Bear Boys did a rendition of their gummi bear rap, T. Jiseon sang Les Mis, and Will Bae and T. Paul had a dance-off.

What a way to end the summer!
ElementMatt Lee