Interhigh Monthly #5 - Dispelling the Disney Myth

For Interhigh Monthly #5 explored the worldview of Disney.  We learned that Disney perpetrates a very skewed worldview, especially on young people.  We looked at how the corporation, through it's movies and programming,  discretely tries to feed it's audience a worldview where both men and woman are valued based on how they look, where bad, abusive relationships are tolerated and even glorified, and how romance is the highest goal .  Beware!  Childhood favorites like Snow White, The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Alladin are all full of these messages.In P. Will's message, we learned about what it meant to be a youth in the Church.  We learned that God never intended for us to be alone as Christians.  The Church is God's plan to reverse the effects of sin in our lives.  Not only that, we need the Church to grow and change.  It is a place where we receive God's love, and in turn, use our gifts to love others.  God has a special plan for every youth in his/her youth group.

InterHighMatt Lee