Middle School Girls Sleepover

GA 009

Last Sunday on Memorial Day weekend, the middle school girls headed over to Jiseon's after Sunday Service for a sleepover of epic proportions. The night included all manner of snacks, watching The Blindside, and a hilarious game of guessing the identity of the people in the baby pictures we brought in. Then on Monday we headed out to Santa Clara to California's Great America. Since we arrived right when it opened we had our pick of the rides. Girls showed what they were really made of as they rode thrilling rides like Flight Deck and Drop Zone, and some never dried out from riding water ride after water ride throughout the day. Even Lois and Sophie had their own set of rides to go on in Snoopy Land. We ended our day with a delicious dinner at In-n-Out before heading back to the East Bay. We had a great time, hope to see you there next time!

ReplayMatt Lee