Replay: 6/5-6/7

This past Friday, Element joined the rest of Gracepoint for the first session of Multiply Your Talents!  We began our lessons in classes such as audio systems, Photoshop, photography, filming, video editing, guitar, and more.  By the end of the summer, we should all be better equipped to serve God with our newly developed talents. After MYT, the 7th and 8th graders got a lesson from Teacher Esther on what a worldview is and how that affects our lives, while the high school students heard the first message from Pastor Ed's Truth Haters message series, and how we blame our past, others, and circumstances in order to avoid the truth about ourselves that we need to face.

On Sunday, the Jr. High students met at James and Claire's house, and the Sr. High students met at Pastor Will and Esther's for their home worship service.  We started off our day with a hearty breakfast before we launched into our study of our DT in Nehemiah 1.  We were challenged as we thought about the hard things we are called to do as the Nehemiahs of our day, to restore what is broken around us.

We finished off our time together at Godfrey Park.  After meeting in our planning committees, Teacher Josh taught us a hilarious new game called "Eggs-Chickens-Dinosaurs-Rulers" before we began our sports time of ultimate frisbee, volleyball, and soccer.  After several hours in the sun, I think we all ended the day just a couple shades darker than before.

See you next week!

ReplayMatt Lee