Replay: Sunday, 5/31 - God's Top 10 & Sports

God's Top 10 This past Sunday, we held our first ever Element Sunday Worship Service!  We began our time with some rockin' praise, and Pastor Will kicked off the message series for the summer: God's Top 10.  We read in Exodus 20 about the first two commandments: we should have no other gods before us, and that we are not to make or worship any other idols.  We learned how we worship ourselves as our idols (as illustrated by the HUGE mirror in the room), and that we fill our lives with other things like grades and money to fill the spiritual void that only God can fill (see Porsche commercial below!). Element Sunday -- 05-31-09 After service, we headed over to Tilman Park for a time of volleyball and ultimate frisbee, where we saw some great serves and strategic plays (ask Teacher Josh to show you his secret to playing Defense).  We ended our time together by joining planning committees for 30 Hr Famine, E-Land, Summer Kickoff, and the Element Welcome Team to plan for some of our events coming up this summer.

Whew!  What a packed Sunday.  See you next week!

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