Element Ops

On our Sundays when we have youth church, we also do something called Element Ops! This is a good time for the middle schoolers to get trained up in all sorts of skills and build confidence. We're proud of our middle schoolers as they develop all sorts of talents.

Check out these photos from our Ops times:


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Sunday message series: What Lies in the Heart

Happy president's day everyone! I wanted to talk about a message series we've been going through on Sundays at youth church. The MS students have listened to a series of messages called "What Lies in the Heart?" 

Each message discusses the inner struggle we all feel about having desires to do things we know aren't the best for us, but still feeling like we want to have fun and be cool and do whatever we want. The messages go through why we need to keep fighting this struggle and stay obedient to God, and why walking with God is ultimately the best for us. 

This message series has been a blessing for many of the middle schoolers as they get to think about what's in their own hearts, and be brought back to God on a more personal level.

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Valentines Day of Compassion

Tomorrow, we're doing something really special... on a day that's usually characterized by romance and chocolate,  our middle schoolers are using a great opportunity to share God's love with those that often are most neglected - the elderly. We'll be visiting two elderly care homes and sharing the good news of the gospel with them, and helping them feel loved as God's beloved children.

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Element Sundays

Join us at Element on Sundays when we have church! Our MS students hear awesome and heartfelt messages, and we're starting a new series of Element Ops and DIY. The students will get to learn many skills.

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This Friday...

We have a special talk on something that all middle schoolers must wonder about... why is it so awkward to talk about Jesus

One of our youth group leaders, Angel, is going to lead this talk as she explains why it feels so awkward and threatening in our culture today to talk about Jesus and Christianity with our friends, classmates, teachers, etc. 

Join us this Friday at 6:30pm at our usual hangout, 1255 Harbor Bay Parkway. You don't want to miss it!

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Winter Retreat

We kicked off the new year with a great start, as all the middle school students and staff had a getaway for our annual Winter Retreat conference.

It was a weekend packed with convicting messages on repentance and God's holiness, fun games led by our high school students, some crazy dancing, and just a lot of fun time bonding and growing together in God.

We're so thankful for everything the students got to experience this past weekend, and hope that the memories from Winter Retreat stay with them as they continue into the upcoming school year. 

Check out our below pictures from our Winter Retreat:

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Happy New Year!

Hi everyone, happy new year from Element MS! We look forward to all that God has to show us this upcoming year. Let's wish for the best in 2018!

One exciting thing to share is that we have our upcoming Winter Retreat soon! 


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Apologetics Series

Here at Element MS, we want our middle schoolers to get equipped and deeper in their faith. Middle school is a really tough time as a Christian because you get bombarded with all sorts of questions that you aren't sure to answer, and you're just trying to navigate through Christian life. That's why at Element, we put on a new series of Apologetics for our Friday Bible Studies so that our middle schoolers can be confident of their faith!

Join us on Fridays as we go discuss these hard apologetics questions. This upcoming Friday, we'll discuss the question: Is Jesus the only way to God?


 Last Friday, we discussed the question: Can we Trust the Bible?

Last Friday, we discussed the question: Can we Trust the Bible?

 During our post-activity, we made some really impressive gingerbread houses like this one!

During our post-activity, we made some really impressive gingerbread houses like this one!

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December Events

It's now the month of December! Just yesterday, we kicked off the holiday season by watching our Joyland children put on their annual play about the Gospel, where they sang songs and danced and performed amazingly.

We have some upcoming events for middle school coming up: a community service opportunity on 12/16, a special Christmas service on 12/17, and lastly an Element Christmas Party on 12/21! Come join us for these upcoming events, we guarantee it'll be fun!

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