Room Makeover, Part 1

We’ve been wanting to liven up the room with new decor, and this Sunday we had an opportunity to add a new addition to the wall!

Triangle + Pictures +MS students & staff + Scissors + Tape + Tippy-toes =

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Alpha Youth: Week 1 & Minute-To-Win-It

This Friday we began the Alpha Youth series (whahoo!)

For week 1, we discussed various questions about life and heard different answers from people all around the world!

Screenshot 2018-09-30 18.21.26.png

Afterwards, we competed in a series of minute-to-win-it games!

“Please send one representative from your team upfront!”


The games were led, for the first time, by our very own… MEG!


To top off the night we made funnel cakes!

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Fall Welcome Night 2018

At Fall Welcome Night it was all hands on deck! From student to staff, everyone participated to put on the night - the skit, the talk, dinner, decor, and the fun games!

Fall Welcome Night Flyer_2018 (1).jpg

After, we played Iron Chef, a contest to create the best ice cream sundae!

Secret ingredient - Oreo Cookies!

Screenshot 2018-09-23 23.06.55.png
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Laser Tag

This past Friday (9/7) Judy shared about her personal journey with God, and then we went to Q-Zar for LASER TAG! 

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Summer Challenge

This year, our Summer Challenge awarded us throughout with a spin at the wheel! 8 students landed on the coveted "pie any staff" or "choose any" (aka: "pie any staff") option. Check it out!


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Berkeley outing

A couple of Fridays ago, we did something out of the ordinary and went to a beloved location in the Bay Area - UC Berkeley! We stood on the steps of Memorial Glade and had a good time of eating pizza together, hearing one of our staff share her testimony and hanging out. We loved being at Berkeley, and will be sure to visit again.

This Friday: SF Outing!

Come join us this Friday as we do something uber fun - hangout at San Francisco! Element Middle School is planning on having a fun Friday as we go play the 7Ds Experience and explore the city. It's guaranteed to be a good time, so join us if you can!

If you're interested, come this Friday 5/23 to 1255 Harbor Bay Parkway by 6pm. We'll be ending at 10pm.


Breaking the script: going outdoors!

Usually at Element, we have a pretty orderly schedule of dinner, short time of content and ending with a fun and awesome post-activity. Of course when you're with middle schoolers, you know you gotta shake things up sometimes. A couple of Fridays ago, we broke our usual script of how we do Element, and actually started with sports and hanging out outside. Afterwards then we went back indoors and heard a short message and had a nice chill time of boardgames and snacks. 

Check out these great pictures of us having fun and enjoying the sunset at Mecartney Park:


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