02.24.19 - "So Will I" : Winter Retreat

Past weekend, students went to Mount Hermon camp to spend quality time with each other and learning more about God and Christianity.


The first night we started off with prayer and worship. The first session was given by one of our staff, Vivian Park. The second session was given by our other staff, Chris. Our third message was given by John Kwon. Then, the Element High School Director, Matt Lee, gave the last message for our high school students.

Guys’ and Girls’ Time

The guys carried heavy stones which symbolized things weighing them down, so they went on a hike with the stones. The girls did a series of team relay races and talked about how they relate to women in the bible in the Old Testament.

Student Leads!

Student Leads, a program for our high school students preparing to evangelize to their friends. So, We had a student lead getaway at our Monterey house, a Gracepoint (our church) owned home. It was a sweet time of hanging out and many jam sessions. We also watched the movie "To Save A Life" about evangelism.

Harry Zhu