08.06.19 - Homegroups! Friday Night

The second night of homegroups has just kicked off and has been an excitement for our students. Past Friday, homegroup 9-11 & 10-12 both had their own homegroup and bible study. Homegroup 10-12 learned about Acts 3 and the “beautiful gate” through John Kwon’s message. It was a time of sharing personally and fellowship for us. Both home groups then went out to do laser tagging. It was a fun and joyous night for all of us with our respective home groups.

if you would like to join us next Friday, check our weekly newsletter for information about upcoming events (on our front page)!

Abraham Aldaraca
08.02.19 - 08.05.19 - Summer Camp

This past weekend was an extravaganza! Every one had a blast at Alliance Redwood, playing sports with teams, eating meals together, building stronger fellowship and bonds with each other. Thank you to all the sound & lighting crew, band members, testimony givers, and other staff from other churches coming to help out this retreat!

Ultimately, thank God for all the work He has done to bring everyone the good news. Congratulations to the 2 decisions made at summer camp! Amen!

Harry Zhu
06.27.19 - 07.10.19 - Cambodia Mission Trip

Most of our Element students and staff have went on the amazing, life-altering Cambodia mission trip to serve the students and children there. Thank you for the students and staff volunteering their amazing efforts to serve the Lord and the community. Thank you for everyone’s prayers which meant a lot to all of the Element students.

Be sure to check out more events at our upcoming section (located at our home page). Element has a lot more in store for this coming fall and winter!

Harry Zhu
06.17.19 - 06.22.19 - Lead the Cause: Chicago

Some of our students and staff are in Chicago joining Dare2Share’s Lead the Cause conference this week. They’ve been getting trained on how to share the Gospel effectively and hearing a lot of inspiring testimonies. They’ve also been meeting Christian youth from all over the country! Thankful that they get to experience all this - please pray for them!

Here’s a photo of our team at Wheaton College.

unnamed (4).jpg
Harry Zhu
05.24.19 - Spring Welcome Friday Night

If you joined us for our Spring Welcome night - hope you had a great time! There was great food, many new faces, and fun icebreakers! We also got to hear stories from Josie, Johnny, Janet, Daniel, Sammy, and Justin about how they encountered God and became Christian. Thanks to these presenters for vulnerably and honestly sharing their stories. After the personal testimonies, we all enjoyed a time of chatting around bonfires, eating from a chocolate fountain and playing basketball and volleyball.

Harry Zhu
05.26.19 - "We will miss you!" Farewell Party

Every year a group of students, generally the 12th graders, graduates from high school. Element held a farewell party to cherish the senior students with photos and memories/testimonies. Keep praying for the seniors going through their next steps in college or life.

But last but not least,

Element is getting new staff (more info coming soon). And sadly but excitingly, Byron Woo and Renee are joining the new Stories team for church, so, they’ll be leaving Element. Let’s pray for them for a smooth transition and pray for the people who are going to hear their stories.

Harry Zhu