Element HS | Junior BOM

Hey guys!

This past Saturday, the Junior class went out for Junior BOM!!!  This was an alternative to Junior Prom that was going on at Alameda High.  We had a blast, so let me tell you about it!

First, we drove down to Santa Cruz and started a firepit on the beach!  The weather was fantastic!  We had delicious food cooked over the fire and sang some songs.  Unfortunately, the beach closed at 10PM and we had to leave.

We headed over to Jon and Carol's place nearby.  They were Element staff last year and it was awesome getting to reunite with them this weekend.  They graciously hosted us for the evening and the next day!  We stayed up eating more food, playing board games, and hanging out!  We woke up to the delicious smell of bacon cooking and had a splendid breakfast in the Chou's backyard!

After this, the girls and the guys split up!  The guys went to Santa Clara for some action-packed paintballing and the girls went to San Francisco for a nice time drinking fancy tea and getting to know each other.  Both parties had a blast!

We joined up again in the evening at Ben and Helen's place for some KOREAN BARBECUE!!!  After dinner, we ended the night with a movie: Edge of Tomorrow.  It was intense, action-packed, and a great way to end our Junior BOM!


Hope y'all at prom had a good and safe time too!


Matt Lee