Element HS | Last Friday Night

Hey y'all!

Hope you guys had an awesome week!  I'm always thankful for the weekend because it's something to look forward to when my week doesn't go so well.  And Friday night at Element always boosts my mood!

Yesterday, we gathered together at the High School room for dinner and a message.  Dinner was delicious, as always!  We had pesto chicken pasta and some salad.  Ben gave a message on Jacob at the River Jabbok and how he wrestled with God.  I love this story so I'll give you a brief summary!

Jacob means Usurper or Grasper in the Hebrew language and he was named this because he was born grasping the foot of his twin brother!  And it also seems to describe his life story.  From stealing his older brother's birthright to deceiving his father to manipulating his uncle, Jacob always strove to get the best, even if it meant pushing and hurting people along the way.  It was at the River Jabbok that God confronts Jacob and he is finally able to surrender his will and become a blessing to others.  Jacob's life is very relatable as we find everyone around us striving and fighting to be the best.

After the message, we headed to SAN FRANCISCO for some tasty ice cream and a nice walk in the city.  The cool night air was refreshing and company was awesome!

Hope you can join us next time!



P.S.  You may have noticed that most of the Juniors weren't at Element last night.  It was because they were at Junior BOM, our Prom alternative!  Stay tuned for an update on that!

Matt Lee