Thanksgiving was a few weeks ago and now it's time for the next and final holiday of the year, Christmas!  Tis the season to be jolly, to put on your best good boy or good girl act to stay on Santa's Nice list, and for department stores to make some money!  Some of you might have written a wish list or sent a letter to Santa and are hoping to get that really awesome laptop or sweet new camera or those nice jeans, but have you taken a second to think about why we celebrate Christmas?  If it was all about the gifts and happy music, why isn't it called Gift-mas?  Okay, that was bad, but really Christmas started out as a celebration of the birth  of a man named Christ.  At Element, we're going to bring that back!  Come join us for our last Friday night of 2016!  We'll also have some food and some fun activities.  See you there!

Matt Lee