Hey y'all,

The most recent posts have been about big or special events like the Christmas party or such, but you might be wondering, "Gosh, I wonder what happens at Element in any given week?" Maybe you look at the weekly updates and see things like Element Friday and Element Gathering, but you don't really know what that is.  Don't worry, it's my job to show you what's going on at Element!

Here's a quick run down of some events and what we did this past week.

Element Friday differs from week to week.  Sometimes we like to meet in smaller and cozier groups and gather in people's homes.  Then when we start to miss the other people in Element, we meet all together at the High School room at HB.  Whenever we gather for Element Friday, you can expect three things for sure: Food, a Study on the Bible, and Fun!

Element Gathering is when we come all together to worship God with and to learn a bit more in depth from the Bible. Sometimes we'll go through an extended series, at other times we learn about specific topics. Regardless, we try to learn more about how the Bible intersect and relates with our lives.

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Matt Lee