Element HS | National Day of Prayer

Hey y'all!

Do you guys know why today is special?  Yes, it is Cinco de Mayo, but it is also the National Day of Prayer!  According to Wikipedia, National Day of Prayer came into law in 1952!  It is observed on the first Thursday of May every year.  It might not seem all that special, but take a second to think about it.  All across the United States of America, people join together to pray to the Creator of the Universe.  A lot of high school Christian clubs have a tradition of gathering at their respective campuses to pray before school starts.  And you guessed it, Element also participated in this!  Our staff went to NINE different campuses in the bay area to pray with their students!  It was a precious time where we got a chance to pray for our campuses and our friends.


Hope you can remember this date next year and join us in this special time!


Matt Lee