Element HS | Run4Missions Final Update

Hey guys!

Hope you've had a wonderful weekend!  Sometimes I like to get up early to start my day with some extra sunshine!  These last two Saturdays, Element gathered at 5:50AM at McCartney Park.  That's right, 5:50AM!  Both students and staff woke up early to prepare for Run4Missions!  What is Run4Missions you ask?  

Every year, Element has the precious opportunity to go abroad to share the gospel to people who really need it.  This year, the high school students will be going to Cambodia and the middle school students will be going down to Mexico!  It's an awesome time where the students get to experience what it's like to serve God and give it our all to share this message of salvation and the love of God, but it costs a lot of money!  And so we do several different kinds of fundraisers from creating Mother's Day frames to making cold brew coffee and hosting a 5K and 10K marathon!  We had a ton of people supporting us by pledging to run.  It was awesome seeing so many people in our church get up so early to run!  We're so thankful that we have been placed in this community of people who support our youth in this way!



I want to give a quick shout out to the 300+  people who woke up early, ran, and cheerfully supported Element Missions!  THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!


Matt Lee